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Dr Isabelle


Research & Public Policy Chief Officer, CCS International Expert

BRGM (French Geological Survey)

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Dr. Isabelle Czernichowski-LAURIOL has an engineering degree in geology (ENSG Nancy) and a PhD in geosciences. She joined BRGM, the French Geological Survey, in 1984. Since 1993, she has played a leading role in BRGM's pioneering research programme on CO2 geological storage, a promising emerging technology for combating climate change. She has adopted an increasingly important role in guiding CCS developments at national, European and international level. She represents BRGM both nationally and internationally at a variety of events and meetings, and sits on several committees (ETP-ZEP, EERA, CO2NET, ENeRG, IEAGHG, Club CO2, etc.). Since its creation in 2004, she has been involved in the management of the CO2GeoNet European Network of Excellence on the geological storage of CO2, now an Association under French law,has been elected President in 2011, and was appointed President Emeritus in 2015. She was the coordinator of the FP7 CGS Europe project, a Pan-European coordination action on the geological storage of CO2, involving CO2GeoNet and 34 research institutes across 28 countries.
In 2010 she was appointed Head of the 'Deep Aquifer' Unit within BRGM's Water Division and began a part-time secondment at the French National Research Agency (ANR), as CCS Programme Officer. In 2012 she joined the Direction of Research of BRGM and was in charge of the geo-energy scientific activities of BRGM (CO2 and energy storage, geothermal energy). In 2015 she joined the newly formed Direction of Development of BRGM and is currently in charge of developing public research activities, especially at regional level in France and Europe.
Besides research and management, she has experience in expert advice, professional training, organization of conferences & workshops, media and communication. Her technical background is geochemical modeling of fluid-rock interactions, with application to CO2 storage, geothermal energy, groundwater quality and diagenesis of petroleum reservoirs.

Isabelle is member of the Edito & Scientific Committee of the Carbon Pricing Conference. 

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