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Richard H. CLARK

Senior Business Consultant, ORTECH FINANCE

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Richard brings over a decade of climate science analysis to his role at Ortec Finance, to integrate and use the extreme weather prediction and carbon costing tools he co-developed at PAL (Predict Ability Ltd) into CES (Climate and ESG Solutions). A Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, Richard has led deep-insight projects in challenging industrial and government research roles – Principal Heat Exchanger Technologist, Group (BOC Gases, US and UK), instigator and expert ‘The Future of Helium as a Natural Resource’ Project with the University of Cambridge. As Section Leader, Helium Plant, JET, Europe’s largest fusion energy project, Richard drew on extensive cryogenics expertise gained at the renowned AERE Harwell Laboratory, Oxford.

To tackle the climate challenge, Richard believes we need two things: climate financial metrics to quantify and address the problem, together with strongly funded low-carbon solutions to re-direct the course of technological progress. Richard’s recreation is to cycle the towpaths of England’s canals, the serene relic of a bygone, more sustainable age. Richard is particularly keen to explore opportunities to enhance and apply the tools needed to transition beyond our age of emissions-led economics.

Richard is member of the Edito & Scientific Committee of the Carbon Pricing Conference.

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