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Fabrice F. SENG

CEO & (co)founder Climate Tech Venture,

NetZero Coalition, FinTechs TV

Fabrice likes Bootstrapping and developing pureplayers : from workshops, trainings, media/podcasts, and recently a funding accelerator dedicated to ClimateTechs.
His main fields include innovative finance and technologies for a greener world (healthier GDP), with, funding boutique for Climate Techs (from Seed/SerieA/Upper), & The FinTech School (now embedded in He previously launched (workshops Podcasts series on funding acceleration) and (a dotank lab focused on the AI governance issues).

By entrepreneurship, he likes (re)discovering each day how much it's fascinating and valuable to keep the learner posture. Today, dedicating most of his time to broadly embrace the "Tech, Investment & Policies" ecosystem(s) to help Humanity facing its unprecedent challenges : continuous reboot thinking, beyond viewable limits, for a sustainable economy & healthier GDP.

When dealing with NetZero achievements, quite everything has to be Rethinked & Rebuilt. Today with Climate Tech Venture, Fabrice co-builds the infrastructure ecosystem to invest in the new economic model inspired by ClimateTechs, with the best mix of Short-Long Term strategies.

Former lecturer (15 years) at Universities (ESTBA, Paris-Saclay University, CNAM) on digital transformation in biomedical laboratories, consultant for institutions, and freelancer to support startups, he early merged with an innovative mindset culture. He drives decisions and actions by design, supported by an engineering & management background (CentraleSupelec, FrancheComté University, CNAM).
He likes this transformative era: challenging period but also opening opportunities, if you are ready to do so. For Fabrice, each talks has to be action driven to achieve the NetZero roadmap and common impact. Treasure of new possibilities and Humanity adventures.

Fabrice is member of the Edito & Scientific Committee & Co-chair of the Carbon Pricing Conference.

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